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Structure diagram of methionine
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methyl +‎ thio- +‎ -n- +‎ -ine

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  • (UK) IPA(key): /mɪˈθʌɪəniːn/, /mɪˈθʌɪənɪn/
  • (US) IPA(key): /mɛˈθaɪəˌniːn/, /-ˌnaɪn/

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methionine (countable and uncountable, plural methionines)

  1. (biochemistry, organic chemistry) A lipotropic, sulphur-containing essential amino acid, C5H11NO2S, found in most protein.
    • 1999, Matt Ridley, Genome, Harper Perennial, published 2004, page 253:
      The purpose was to make soya beans more healthy for those for whom they are a staple food by correcting soya beans' natural deficiency in a chemical called methionine.

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