Attested since 1697. From millar, "a thousand", with a rarely productive suffix -enta, equivalent to English -ty, extracted by reanalysis from corenta (forty), cincuenta (fifty) etc. Compare Portuguese milhentos.


  • IPA(key): [miˈʎentɐ], [miˈʎɛntɐ]


millenta (indeclinable)

  1. a thousand (loosely)
    Synonyms: mil, millar
  2. a zillion; an undetermined large quantity
    • 1697, Francisco Antonio de Valle, Romance Galego:
      Eu non sei por onde empeze
      Nomear vosas grandezas,
      Vosos feitos, vosas obras,
      Porque non nacin Poeta.
      Si fora coma vn Ovidio,
      Que o mamou coa teta
      Non figera vinte copras;
      Figera mais de millenta.
      I don't know where to begin
      to name your greatnesses,
      your deeds, your works,
      because I was not born a poet.
      If I was like an Ovid,
      who sucked it in the tit,
      I wouldn't have made twenty couplets:
      I would have made more than a zillion.