English edit

A mink coat

Etymology edit

Compound of mink +‎ coat.

Noun edit

mink coat (plural mink coats)

  1. A fur coat made from the fur of the mink, symbolic of membership in a social class of wealthy people.
    • 1988, Sylvia Harney, Married Beyond Recognition: A Humorous Look at Marriage, page 2:
      We think we will in no time parlay our abundant love into abundant riches of the mink coat type, so it comes as a major surprise that we could be so poor... for so long.
    • 2004, Alice Bach, Religion, Politics, Media in the Broadband Era, page 106:
      Richard Nixon attempted to clear himself of charges that he had a tapped a secret slush fund by exploiting that symbol of decadent luxury, the mink coat. His wife, Nixon boasted, did not own a mink coat, but rather she owned 'a respectable Republican cloth coat...'

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