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Possibly a neologism from miscēre (to mix). Cf. the classically indeclinable nūgās, nūgāx (incompetent, bungling) and another hapax, miscelliō (an irresolute, fickle person).



miscī̆x m or f (indeclinable)

  1. (hapax, neologism, dubious) Someone who does things half-way or improperly.
    • c. 27 CE – 66 CE, Petronius, Satyricon 45.6:
      Nōn est miscī̆x. Ferrum optimum datūrus est, sine fugā, carnārium in mediō, ut amphitheāter videat.
      He doesn't mess around. He's going to give us a proper fight, no running, a public slaughterhouse, so the whole amphitheater can see.

Usage notesEdit

The form and prosody, meaning, usage and even grammatical category of this word are all uncertain.