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monster +‎ -ise


monsterise (third-person singular simple present monsterises, present participle monsterising, simple past and past participle monsterised)

  1. Alternative form of monsterize
    • 1851 January 1, The British Friend[1], volume 9, page 22:
      [] and it would seem, as if to atone for that deficiency in the eyes of "a hero worshipper," that Macaulay had determined to monsterise him into an embodiment of inconsistency, deceit, and simulation.
    • 1997, Harry M. Benshoff, Monsters in the closet: homosexuality and the horror film[2], page 330:
      [] (quite literally monsterise) queer sexuality, and what the pleasures and costs of such representations might be for both individual spectators and culture at large.
    • 2005, Outlook[3], volume 45, number 9-16:
      A similarity that runs deeper than the differences in these two unrelated incidents, these separate times that we have allocated to monsterising and mortifying our teenagers.