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Etymology 1Edit

From Dharug mayal, miyal.


myall ‎(plural myalls)

  1. (obsolete, Australian Aboriginal) A stranger; an ignorant person.
  2. (Australia) An Aborigine living according to tradition and in a traditional way.

Etymology 2Edit

Aboriginal, perhaps a transferrative use of Etymology 1, above.


myall ‎(plural myalls)

  1. Any of various Australian acacias, especially the weeping myall, Acacia pendula, or the wood of such trees.
    • 1859, John McDouall Stuart, journal entry, Third Expedition (In the vicinity of Lake Torrens, Explorations in Australia - The Journals of John McDouall Stuart, Echo Library, 2006, page 57,
      Friday, 30th December, Hanson Range. [] Changed our course to a very prominent hill (which I have named Mount Arthur) bearing 275 degrees, and after crossing two small myall creeks and a stony plain with salt bush and grass, at ten miles we struck a large myall and gum creek, coming from the north-west, with some very deep channels.
    • 1968, Thomas H. Everett, Living Trees of the World, page 185,
      The durable, dark-colored wood of the coast myall or mountain brigalow (A. glaucescens) has been likened to that of English walnut.
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