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  1. small, little
  2. young
  3. minor, insignificant
  4. (with a plural) few


Adjective concord
Modifier Copulative
1st singular engimncane ngimncane
2nd singular omncane umncane
1st plural esibancane sibancane
2nd plural enibancane nibancane
Class 1 omncane mncane
Class 2 abancane bancane
Class 3 omncane mncane
Class 4 emincane mincane
Class 5 elincane lincane
Class 6 amancane mancane
Class 7 esincane sincane
Class 8 ezincane zincane
Class 9 encane incane
Class 10 ezincane zincane
Class 11 oluncane luncane
Class 14 obuncane buncane
Class 15 okuncane kuncane
Class 17 okuncane kuncane

Derived termsEdit