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nephrology + urology + -ic; surface analysis, nephro- +‎ uro- +‎ -logic

Adjective Edit

nephrourologic (not comparable)

  1. (medicine, surgery) Of or pertaining to both nephrology and urology, combining the skills of both of those medical specialties, as for example in developmental anomalies ranging from the kidneys through other regions of the genitourinary tract.
    • 2008, MC Awad, EA da Silva, E Souza, R Damião, “Clinical outcome of long-term renal transplant survivors: a nephrourologic approach”, in Transplantation Proceedings, volume 40, number 3, →DOI, →PMID, pages 714–717:
      Long-term renal transplant survivors display high incidences of hypogonadism, neoplasms, erectile dysfunction, and metabolic syndrome. Although the urologist has a major role in the kidney transplantation surgery and treatment of the graft-related surgical complications, the follow-up of these patients is essentially focused on kidney function and the immunosuppressive regimen. We sought to evaluate the role of a nephrourologic follow-up for kidney transplant recipients.