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From new +‎ -ling. Cognate with Dutch nieuweling (a novice, beginner), German Neuling (a novice).


newling (plural newlings)

  1. One who is new (to something); a newcomer; a novice; a newbie.
    • 1879, Henry Mayhew, The boyhood of Martin Luther:
      "[...] Seest thou not by the stripling's face that he be a newling (newcomer) in the town."
    • 2006, Michele Hauf, Rhiana:
      “A newling!” Fascinated, but wary not to stand and reach for it, Rhiana kept her ears pricked—and heard another. A newling and its elder protector.
    • 2012, Elle Jasper, Eventide: The Dark Ink Chronicles:
      Unlike a newling, I have to have air to breathe, and this idiot is squeezing so hard I can barely draw in a breath.