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From Japanese 日本 (Nippon, Japan, noun).


nippon (feminine singular nipponne or nippone, masculine plural nippons, feminine plural nipponnes or nippones)

  1. Synonym of japonais (Japanese); Nipponese
    • Si Rinri avait interrogé de façon négative, ce qui est courant dans ce pays compliqué, j’étais cuite. Je tentai de me rappeler les règles grammaticales nippones de réponse aux questions négatives, ce qui est aussi complexe que de retenir les pas du tango.
      If Rinri was asking in a negative way, which is commonplace in this complicated country, then I was being tricked. I tried to remember the Nipponese grammatical rules on responding to negative questions, which was as hard as keeping up with tango steps.

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