nopal +‎ -ry


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nopalry (plural nopalries)

  1. A plantation of nopal, for the purpose of raising the cochineal insect.
    • 1804, A philosophical and political history of the settlements and trade of the Europeans in the East and West Indies, volume 2:
      This species multiplies more readily, spreads further and faster without any assistance; so that a nopalry is soon covered with them.
    • 1945, Journal of the New York Botanical Garden, volume 46, page 84:
      The cochineal industry spread rapidly, plantations called nopalries arising in such diverse regions as Spain, India, Algeria, South Africa, Jamaica, and the Canary Islands.
    • 1960, Cultivation of Cloves in India, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, page 5:
      This was another experimental garden started under Dr. Berry as a 'Nopalry' or place for the rearing of the cochineal insect on cacti, which however, became a sort of experimental garden where exotic plants were received as they arrived in the Port of Madras and were nursed and looked after until they could be despatched to the interior stations.