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From nosplēp(t) (to hide, to keep secret) +‎ -ums (with noslēpt from no- +‎ slēpt (to hide)).


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noslēpums m (1st declension)

  1. secret (information which is not to be disclosed to others)
    valsts noslēpumsstate secret
    kara noslēpumswar secret
    dienesta noslēpumsprofessional secret
    glabāt noslēpumuto keep a secret
    turēt noslēpumāto keep (something) a secret
    izpaust noslēpumuto reveal, to disclose a secret
    atklāt draugam noslēpumuto reveal a secret to a friend
    no dieva puses, nestāstiet nevienam, tas ir liels noslēpumsfor god's sake, don't tell anyone, this is a big secret
    Zanda... tu esi mana sieva, nekādu noslēpumu starp mums nedrīkst būtZanda... you are my wife, there should be no secrets between us
  2. secret, mystery (something that is not known, that has not been investigated or researched)
    darbs - liela mūža noslepumswork (is) the secret of a big (= long) life
    kolosālie zinātnes sasniegumi matērijas dziļāko noslēpumu atklāšanācolossal scientific achievements in the discovery of the deepest secrets of matter


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