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A depiction of numismatics display.

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From French numismatique, from Late Latin numisma, numismatis (coin), variant of Latin nomisma, from Ancient Greek νόμισμα (nómisma, current coin, custom), from νομίζω (nomízō, I hold or own as a custom, usage, I use customarily, practise, I am used to), from νόμος (nómos, usage, custom), from νέμω (némō, I keep, hold, watch).

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numismatics (uncountable)

  1. The study of coins, tokens, medals and paper money
  2. The study of coins
  3. The collecting of coins, tokens, medals and paper money
  4. The collecting of coins

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  • Although its broader senses are still in use, many who use the term are unfamiliar with it being used in reference to materials other than coins.

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