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From Latin oleaster.

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oleaster (plural oleasters)

  1. A plant in the family Elaeagnaceae,
    1. especially, a plant in the genus Elaeagnus,
      1. especially, the type species Elaeagnus angustifolia.
  2. Cultivated olive trees that have re-naturalized, sometimes treated as a species Olea oleaster, the wild olive.

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From ole(a) (olive tree) +‎ -aster.

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oleaster m (genitive oleastrī); second declension

  1. wild olive tree

Declension Edit

Second-declension noun (nominative singular in -er).

Case Singular Plural
Nominative oleaster oleastrī
Genitive oleastrī oleastrōrum
Dative oleastrō oleastrīs
Accusative oleastrum oleastrōs
Ablative oleastrō oleastrīs
Vocative oleaster oleastrī

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