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outdoor voice (plural outdoor voices)

  1. A loud voice used when one wants to be heard over noise or from a distance, or be assertive or emphatic.
    • 2012, Billy Angel, 1 Law 3 All[1], Sunset Angel Productions, →ISBN:
      I was using my outside voice. We could barely hear each other above the bar noise.
    • 2012, Leigh Peyton Mikovich, The Bug, the Pea, and Me: 52 Devotions of Love and Laughter, CrossBooks, →ISBN, page 96:
      My youngest daughter is particularly fond of an “outside voice.” We'll be quietly eating our meal and the Pea, who sits right beside me, will recount her day as if her words must rise above the very roar of a pep rally crowd.
    • 2013, Jamie Centeno, Heavolution, Creation House, →ISBN, page 82:
      I began to wonder this question out loud to the Lord in my prayer time. He spoke first with a subtle whisper, but then it became more like He was using His outside voice.
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