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From out- +‎ door.


  • (UK) IPA(key): /ˌaʊtˈdɔː/
  • (file)


outdoor (not comparable)

  1. Situated in, designed to be used in, or carried on in the open air. [from 18th c.]
    Synonyms: out-of-door, outside
    Antonyms: indoor, inside
    • 1963, Margery Allingham, “Foreword”, in The China Governess[1]:
      A very neat old woman, still in her good outdoor coat and best beehive hat, was sitting at a polished mahogany table on whose surface there were several scored scratches so deep that a triangular piece of the veneer had come cleanly away, […].
  2. Pertaining to charity administered or received away from, or independently from, a workhouse or other institution. [from 19th c.]
    • 1997, Roy Porter, The Greatest Benefit to Mankind, Folio Society 2016, p. 395:
      Believing social policy should be directed by experts to bring about the greatest happiness of the greatest number, Benthamites judged the old Poor Law outdoor relief system a recipe for waste and idleness.

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  • German: Outdoor
  • Japanese: アウトドア (autodoa)
  • Portuguese: outdoor
  • Spanish: outdoor



outdoor (third-person singular simple present outdoors, present participle outdooring, simple past and past participle outdoored)

  1. (in some African communities) To publicly display a child after it has been named
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Borrowed from English outdoor.



outdoor m (plural outdoors)

  1. billboard (very large advertisement along the side of a road)
    • 2006, Eduardo Peñuela Cañizal, “Cartazes e outdoors na poética da intempérie”, in Significação, volume 28, page 61:
      Tanto é assim que hoje, nas grandes cidades, os outdoors não somente são emoldurados, mas também protegidos para que o tempo não os deteriore.
      So much that today, in the big cities, billboards are not only framed, but also protected so that the weather doesn’t deriorate them.



From English outdoor.


outdoor (invariable)

  1. outdoor