From out- +‎ laugh. Compare Dutch uitlachen ‎(to ridicule), German auslachen ‎(to laugh at), Danish udle.


outlaugh ‎(third-person singular simple present outlaughs, present participle outlaughing, simple past and past participle outlaughed)

  1. (transitive) To ridicule or laugh someone out of a purpose, principle, etc.; laugh down; discourage or put out of countenance by laughing.
    His apprehensions of being outlaughed will force him to continue in a restless obscurity. - Franklin
  2. (transitive) To laugh louder than, surpass in laughing.
    • 1995, Myra Page, Moscow Yankee
      At his father's quick guffaw he jumped back, trying to outlaugh him. "Mamma, did you hear what I said, Mamma?" Boardman felt his side. "My boy, that's a good one."
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