From outsend, equivalent to out- +‎ sending or outsend +‎ -ing. Cognate with Dutch uitsending (broadcast, emission, transmission), German Aussendung (a sending out), Swedish utsändning (broadcast).


outsending (plural outsendings)

  1. A message abroad; a thing sent out.
    • 1902, Sidney Lanier, Henry Wysham Lanier, Shakspere and His Forerunners:
      [] with that comparison which I think sometimes is the mightiest in our language — that comparison of this successive outsending and inbringing of the worlds by the Creator at the centre of things to the beating of the heart of God.
  2. A transmission; broadcast.
    • 1987, Dipak Khakhar, Information network and data communication:
      Active stereoradio function simultaneously with looking at a local videoprogram and a simultaneous outsending of a private videoprogram []



  1. present participle of outsend