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Czech edit

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Czech numbers (edit)
2 3  → 
    Cardinal: dva
    Ordinal: druhý
    Adverbial: dvakrát
    Repetition adjective: dvojnásobný
    Multiplier: dvojitý
    Collective: dvoje
    Fractional: půl, polovina, polovice

Etymology edit

Inherited from Old Czech pól, from Proto-Slavic *polъ, possibly from Proto-Indo-European *(s)pelH- (to chop, to separate).

Pronunciation edit

Numeral edit

půl f (indeclinable)

  1. half

Usage notes edit

  • When telling the time, půl is used to mean "half to", so for example je půl páté (literally "it's half of five") means "it's half (past) four".

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Further reading edit

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