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pansexual +‎ -ize


pansexualize (third-person singular simple present pansexualizes, present participle pansexualizing, simple past and past participle pansexualized)

  1. To make pansexual.
    • 1962, Anales internacionales de criminología, page 300:
      If he doubts the capacity of persons to establish sympathetic relationships between one another otherwise than on a libidinal level, he arbitrarily pansexualizes all human ...
    • 1993, Rommel Mendès-Leite, Pierre-Olivier de Busscher, Gay Studies from the French Cultures: Voices from France, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, and the Netherlands (Psychology Press, ISBN 9781560244363), page 178:
      Some believed they weren't, thus idealizing them as a way out of 'pansexualizing' western discourse. Others thought they were, accusing the intolerant apologists of homosexual emancipation.
    • 2000, Tim Dean, Beyond Sexuality (University of Chicago Press, ISBN 9780226139340), page 2:
      To this extent, complaints about the pansexualizing perspective of both queer theory and psychoanalysis would be justified. On the other hand, however, a certain innovative potential lies in projects — whether they be psychoanalytic or queer — that defamiliarize what we mean by sex and sexuality.