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Etymology edit

pan- +‎ theistic.

Pronunciation edit

Adjective edit

pantheistic (comparative more pantheistic, superlative most pantheistic)

  1. Of or relating to pantheism.
    • 1909, The Quarterly Review, page 124:
      The mystic is one to whom the unitive, pantheistic, or at least the panentheistic, aspects of the divinity are as congenial as the deistic, polytheistic, and anthropomorphic aspects are to the institutional mind.

Alternative forms edit

  • sometimes hyphenated or expressed as a phrase: pan-theistic, pan theistic
  • sometimes either the P or both the P and the initial T are capitalized: Pantheistic, PanTheistic
  • variations of capitalization and spacing may be combined: Pan-theistic, Pan-Theistic, Pan Theistic, Pan theistic

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