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Variant of the more common pantyhose, possibly from pantie (variant form of panty) + hose.


pantihose (uncountable)

  1. Alternative spelling of pantyhose
    • 1977, UK House of Commons, Parliamentary Debates: Official report, Volume 941, page cxlviii,
      It is estimated that the percentage shares of stockings and tights, including pantihose, of the total number of pairs sold, including exports, by United Kingdom manufacturers employing 25 or more people were: [] .
    • 1991, Maryanne Blacker, More Children′s Art & Crafts, Australian Consolidated Press, page 114,
      Knot the pantihose at the tail end to secure the tail.
    • 1998, Ben Elton, Popcorn: A Play, page 11,
      [] I never saw a girl take off pantihose in a movie.
      Bruce That, I′m afraid, is because pantihose is not sexy. It is impossible to remove pantihose in a sexy manner.
    • 2003, Linda Thomas, My Closet, My Boutique, LNP Publishing, US, page 115,
      Presenting an attractive, well-groomed appearance without wearing pantihose can be an intimidating proposition.
    • 2008, Standards South Africa, Pantihose and Knee-highs, →ISBN.