See also: Partitiv and partitīv

Romanian edit

Etymology edit

Borrowed from French partitif or Italian partitivo.

Adjective edit

partitiv m or n (feminine singular partitivă, masculine plural partitivi, feminine and neuter plural partitive)

  1. (grammar) partitive

Declension edit

Veps edit

Etymology edit

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Noun edit


  1. partitive case

Inflection edit

Inflection of partitiv (inflection type 5/sana)
nominative sing. partitiv
genitive sing. partitivan
partitive sing. partitivad
partitive plur.
singular plural
nominative partitiv
accusative partitivan
genitive partitivan
partitive partitivad
essive-instructive partitivan
translative partitivaks
inessive partitivas
elative partitivaspäi
illative partitivaha
adessive partitival
ablative partitivalpäi
allative partitivale
abessive partitivata
comitative partitivanke
prolative partitivadme
approximative I partitivanno
approximative II partitivannoks
egressive partitivannopäi
terminative I partitivahasai
terminative II partitivalesai
terminative III partitivassai
additive I partitivahapäi
additive II partitivalepäi