penis +‎ -y


penisy (comparative more penisy, superlative most penisy)

  1. (informal) penislike; resembling a penis
    • 2001, Gale Zoe Garnett, Visible Amazement, →ISBN, page 68:
      I wanted to scream, but that little penisy-looking thing at the entrance to my throat locked and no sound came out.
    • 2001, Mike Albo, Hornito: My Lie Life, →ISBN, page 14–15:
      There are a lot of men after Steve. Buck Rogers's Gil Gerard, [...] and those moody kids in swimming suits with the wet, penisy Flipper gliding between their legs.
    • 2007, William Sutcliffe, Whatever Makes You Happy, →ISBN, page 201:
      She kissed him swiftly on the lips, a waft of penisy breath filling his nostrils, and still he couldn't see her face.
    • 2010, Anne Lamott, Imperfect Birds, →ISBN, page 136:
      What if a raccoon with rabies jumped out and clawed me, or possums, which were so disgusting, with those penisy hairless white tails.




penisy m

  1. nominative plural of penis
  2. accusative plural of penis
  3. vocative plural of penis