permiss (plural permisses)

  1. A choice that has been permitted.
  2. A rhetorical device in which a thing is predicated on the decision of one's opponent.



permiss (third-person singular simple present permisses, present participle permissing, simple past and past participle permissed)

  1. (transitive, nonstandard, rare) To grant permission to; permit
    • 1977, Biochemistry and Experimental Biology - Volumes 13-14:
      The catheter was connected through a forked tube either with electromanometer (or a mercury manometer), or with a pressurized reservoir system through a cock permissing to switch arbitrarily one or the other.
    • 2011, Claudia Monteiro, Guardian:
      It caused me to remenisce about the night that we had snuck off to the river, permissing things to naturally parallel into place.
    • 2014, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, 491 Days: Prisoner Number 1323/69:
      In addition, I am advised by these women prisoners that Matron Jacobz has demanded that they surrender all their statements and memoranda for their defence to her in order that she read them and that she insists on this being done before the women are permissed to leave the women's section of the prison for the purpose of consultation with their defence lawyers.

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