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Particularly: “is it like "fufft"? or a raspberry? (See Talk page)”



  1. (rare) Alternative form of pht
    • 1991, Franca Rame, Dario Fo, Stuart Clink Hood, A woman alone & other plays
      [] uplift bra . . . odourless hair removing cream . . . phpht! Twenty-four hour deodorant . . . slimming pills . . . contraceptive pills []
    • 1993, "Cindy Tittle Moore", Dogs or Humans as Canine Companions (on newsgroup rec.pets.dogs)
      > But... some of us do have to work for a living. As a result our dog(s)
      >must be left for 8 hrs per day by themselves. :-(

      Yeah, phpht. Working...phpht.
    • 1995, Richard Hoffman, Half the house: a memoir
      "Phpht! Eat your noodle soup, and don't pay no attention to that there foolishness."
    • 2003, Mark Fidler, Blaze of the Great Cliff (page 39)
      Phpht!” Bravegart spit out. “Okay, Stonah, a trade it is. You give them one of your feathers. A feather for an arrow. []