player +‎ -sexual


playersexual (comparative more playersexual, superlative most playersexual)

  1. (humorous, of a video game character) Attracted to the player character, especially without regard for their gender, race, etc.
    • 2018, Alayna Cole, "Categories of representation: Improving the discussion and depiction of diversity", TEXT, October 2018, page 10:
      Similarly, the most recent title in Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls series – Skyrim (Bethesda Game Studios 2011) – features playersexual romanceable characters, who lack even the minor characterisation attributed to companions in Fallout 4.
    • 2019, Devin Randall, "We Love The Life Is Strange Games’ Bi Visibility", Instinct Magazine, 12 May 2019:
      But, those games often take on a “playersexual” aspect of having any character be willing to date the player.
    • 2019, Heidi McDonald, "Writing Romance and Sexuality in Games", "The Advanced Game Narrative Toolbox", in The Advanced Game Narrative Toolbox (ed. Tobias Heussner), page 31:
      In some games, the nonplayer characters are of a sexual orientation that's jokingly referred to as “playersexual,” meaning that any NPC can be romanced by any player.
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