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pork sword (plural pork swords)

  1. (slang, vulgar) The penis.
    • 1973, Tom Sharpe, Indecent Exposure [1]
      'Yes,' screamed the patient hysterically, 'I mean penis, prick, pork sword, knob, the lot. What's it matter...
    • 1997, Daniel DuBois, South Bay beware! Weirdo alert! (Was :Re: Sex, marriage, conflict...) in [2]
      I wanted to make it very clear I wasn't 'interested in only one thing', i.e., 'burying my pork sword'. Basically, I didn't want to be judged/attacked for wanting sex.
    • 1998, Judy Hodgson, in [3] that really you partaking of the pork sword?? if it is never go near my car as I wouldn't want the chrome sucked off the bumper...
    • 1999, Mark Simpson, It's a Queer World: Deviant Adventures in Pop Culture (page 81) [4]
      ...John's manhood is more cocktail stick than pork sword
    • 2004, Peter J Krebs, Operation Sleeping Dragon (page 270) [5]
      He stood there with a big silly grin on his face and let Price's dirty mind take the bait. 'Lets just say it gets dreadfully boring in quarantine.' he smiled. 'You dirty bugger, she saves you from a samurai sword and you thank her with the pork sword!' laughed Price.