From the trademark Portakabin, itself from portable cabin.


portacabin (plural portacabins)

  1. A prefabricated hut that is transportable, often used as an office or for storage.
    • 2007, S.A.S.: Special Ace Supply (teacher), Quick Brown Fox Publication, →ISBN, page 11:
      At least I'm not in a portacabin. Whenever I find myself heading towards a peripheral portacabin, I experience the same visceral feeling that the French aristocrats had when they rode the tumbrels to Madame Guillotine.
    • 2009, Julian Beirne, Diary of a Sapper, Julian Beirne, →ISBN, page 298:
      We have done our portacabin out with balloons, paper chains and “Support troop is One Step Beyond.” It looks all Christmassy, with the snow, it is quite good.

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