Trademark, from porta- +‎ a variant of cabin.



Portakabin (plural Portakabins)

  1. A type of mobile building.
    • 2002, Malcolm Martin; Tricia Jackson, Personnel Practice, CIPD Publishing, →ISBN:
      In this case study the topic for discussion was the reduction of car parking spaces due to the erection of a Portakabin for contract workers.
    • 2008, Minette Walters, Acid Row, Pan Macmillan, →ISBN:
      ‘He says the Portakabin's pretty much empty. Plans and files were removed to the Southampton office a week ago so they'd be available to prospective punters.
    • 2011, Rosamund Lupton, Afterwards, Hachette UK, →ISBN:
      The phone rings again but she doesn't answer it. After three days of intense heat, the grass is parched and balding; the azalea flowers, once blooming up to chest height, lie desiccated on the ground. Sally Healey's Portakabin door is open.

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