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Etymology 1Edit

pound (verb) +‎ -er (agent suffix)


pounder (plural pounders)

  1. A vessel in which something is pounded, or something used in pounding.
    • 2014, The Cook's Illustrated Meat Book
      Since we often prefer to pound our own cutlets rather than buy uneven precut cutlets from the store, a meat pounder is an important piece of equipment.


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Etymology 2Edit

pound (measure of weight) +‎ -er


pounder (plural pounders)

  1. (only in combination) A gun capable of firing a specified weight of shot
  2. (only in combination) Something that weighs a specified number of pounds
    • 1970, Field & Stream (volume 75, number 7, page 76)
      "Okay, that's a keeper," Harold said as he netted the 3-pounder and put him on a stringer over the side of the boat.
Derived termsEdit