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præfix (plural præfixes)

  1. Obsolete spelling of prefix
    • 1836, Sharon Turner, The history of the Anglo-Saxons from the earliest period to the Norman conquest, page 426:
      In searching for the original nouns from which verbs have been formed, we must always consider if the verb we are inquiring about be a primitive verb or a secondary verb, containing either of the præfixes, a, be, ge, for, on, in, to, with, &c. &c. In these cases we must strip the verb of its præfix, and examine its derivation under its earlier form. The verbs with a præfix are obviously of later origin than the verbs to which the præfix has not been applied.


præfix (third-person singular simple present præfixes, present participle præfixing, simple past and past participle præfix’d or præfixed or præfixt)

  1. Obsolete form of prefix.