See also: préfixe and préfixé



prefixe (third-person singular simple present prefixes, present participle prefixing, simple past and past participle prefixed)

  1. Obsolete spelling of prefix
    • mid-15th century, Letters of Margaret of Anjou, Number 90, p. 123:
      We, desiryng a final conclusion thereof, to reste and quiete of oure said tenants, praye yow hertely tht ye will, atte reverance of us, prefixe and set a day to mete with oure counseil []
    • 15th century?, in The History and Antiquities of Syon Monastery (1840) by James Aungier
      And the sustres, like as they by them selfe procede to the eleccion of the abbes and chese her, so they schal by themselfe prefixe the day that thei schal procede to the eleccion.
    • 1576, on a tombstone transcribed in A survey of the cities of London and Westminster (1733), Book III, p. 684:
      In Shropẝhire at the Mindtowne borne, / the Time we here prefixe, / And dyed the Seventh of February, / in Anno Seventy Sixe.



prefixe n

  1. plural of prefix