From prescription +‎ -istic or prescriptionist +‎ -ic.


prescriptionistic (comparative more prescriptionistic, superlative most prescriptionistic) (rare)

  1. Synonym of prescriptionist
    • 1959, Psychology: A Study of a Science, page 11:
      It was felt that many such questions could be profitably discussed—but only if considered in connection with specified segments of the tissue of psychological action, if dissociated from the prescriptionistic tone of much recent analysis, and if approached as problems in the genesis of creative knowledge-seeking action, rather than as extrinsically presolved issues in the “logic” of science.
    • 1967, Edwards, Paul, editor, The Encyclopedia of Philosophy, volume 6:
      So far, rational reconstruction is prescriptionistic, but not arbitrarily so. The rational reconstructor will try to show that there is no way of distinguishing between explaining and other forms of human activity (for example, reasserting), unless some of what have ordinarily been called explanations are excluded as pseudo explanations.
    • 1991, Limiting Bias in the Assessment of Bilingual Students, →ISBN, page 161:
      The third characteristic is a prescriptionistic view of language of and communicative behavior.
    • 2011, Preyer, Gerhard, “Part II: Practical Reasoning”, in Intention and Practical Thought, Humanities Online, →ISBN, 4. Evaluative Attitude: (ii) Cognitive and Evaluative Attitudes, page 113:
      Such utterances are not expressions of passion (expressionistic interpretation) only and I give no advice of the utterances (recommendation) (prescriptionistic interpretation).