procedure division



procedure division (plural procedure divisions)

  1. (computing) The part of a COBOL program containing all the instructions that the computer is to execute
    • 1971 Allen Kent, Harold Lancour, "Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science"
      The procedure division contains the imperative, arithmetic, conditional, and other statements that create and manipulate the data.
    • 1999 Gordon Bitter Davis, "The Blackwell encyclopedic dictionary of management information"
      The procedure division contains program logic to compute, manipulate data, and to iterate and branch through program execution.
    • 2003 Robert C. Seacord et al, "Modernizing legacy systems"
      In the following alternative formulation of the procedure division, the PERFORM statement is used to execute a sequence of paragraphs.

Usage notesEdit

  • The term is capitalized (as PROCEDURE DIVISION) in the COBOL source code.