puku +‎ koppi



  1. cubicle, changing cubicle (small enclosure for changing clothes, e.g. by a pool or in a sports facility)
  2. changing room, locker room (room for changing clothes, such as in a sports facility or in a workplace where special working clothes are used; changing cubicles may be provided within the room)


Inflection of pukukoppi (Kotus type 5/risti, pp-p gradation)
nominative pukukoppi pukukopit
genitive pukukopin pukukoppien
partitive pukukoppia pukukoppeja
illative pukukoppiin pukukoppeihin
singular plural
nominative pukukoppi pukukopit
accusative nom. pukukoppi pukukopit
gen. pukukopin
genitive pukukopin pukukoppien
partitive pukukoppia pukukoppeja
inessive pukukopissa pukukopeissa
elative pukukopista pukukopeista
illative pukukoppiin pukukoppeihin
adessive pukukopilla pukukopeilla
ablative pukukopilta pukukopeilta
allative pukukopille pukukopeille
essive pukukoppina pukukoppeina
translative pukukopiksi pukukopeiksi
instructive pukukopein
abessive pukukopitta pukukopeitta
comitative pukukoppeineen
Possessive forms of pukukoppi (type risti)
possessor singular plural
1st person pukukoppini pukukoppimme
2nd person pukukoppisi pukukoppinne
3rd person pukukoppinsa


  • (cubicle): uimakoppi (cubicle or small hut to serve bathers on a beach)
  • (changing room): pukuhuone

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