From Latin purpura (purple), from Ancient Greek [Term?]. The medical sense is from the English purpura (the appearance of purple discolorations on the skin).


purpuric (comparative more purpuric, superlative most purpuric)

  1. (medicine) purple (of spots which appear on the skin); pertaining to or affected with purpura
    • 2003, Christine Léauté-Labrèze and Alain Taïeb, Diagnosis and management of Stevens Johnson syndrome, in Recent Advances in Pediatrics, Volume 20 (edited by Tim J David), Royal Society of Medicine Press, page 140:
      After 1–14 days, skin eruption occurs abruptly, consisting of symmetrical purpuric macules which progress to blisters and areas of epidermal necrosis...
  2. (chemistry, not comparable) purple in colour; derived from or forming a substance which is purple; derived from or forming purpuric acid
    purpuric acid
    a purpuric salt

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