quadriparous (not comparable)

  1. Having given birth to four offspring.
    • 2004, F. Behnamfar et al., "Diagnostic Value of Endometrial Sampling with Pipelle Suction Curettage for Identifying Endometrial Lesions in Patients with Abnormal Uterine Bleeding", Journal of Research in Medical Sciences 3:21-23
      Quadriparous patients had more sufficient samples than others. None of the patients were nuliparous.
    • 1993, Sohei Tokunaka et al., "Proportions of fiber types in the external urethral sphincter of young nulliparous and old multiparous rabbits", Urological Research
      Six young nulliparous (6-month-old) and 6 old multiparous (tri- or quadriparous, 2-year-old) female Japanese white rabbits (body weight 3.0 kg) were killed by ...
  2. (ornithology) Laying four eggs.