quid ni

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Alternative formsEdit


quid (what) +‎ (unless, not)



quid ? (not comparable)

  1. why not? what else?
    Hem, Clinia haec fieri videbat? Quid nī? Mecum una simul.
    Well, did Clinia see all this going on? - How shouldn't he? He was with me.
    Quid nī? Quo verba facilius dentur mihi.
    Why not? That I may be imposed upon the more easily.
    Omnem rem tenes? - Quid ego teneam?
    You understand the whole affair? - Why should I not understand it?
    Quid illam abducat?
    Why should he not take her?
    Quid ego ita censeam?
    Why shouldn't I think so?
    Quid ego fleam?
    Why shouldn't I cry?
    Quidnī, inquit, meminerim?
    Why mustn't I remember, says he?
  2. of course
    Quid nī meminerim.
    Of course I remember.
    Quid nī possim.
    Of course I can.
    Quid nī laudet.
    Why should he not praise him! (of course he should praise him)
    Quid nī esset.
    Of course he was.

Usage notesEdit