quotidian +‎ -ly


quotidianly (not comparable)

  1. Occurring on a quotidian basis; daily or commonplace.
    • 1840, William Tait, Christian Isobel Johnstone, Tait's Edinburgh magazine: Volume 7, page 384
      Epics which cost him fifteen and sixpence a piece, and us nothing, are quotidianly placed before us by the fertile invention of this great master of the art of advertising.
    • 1882, Ballou's monthly magazine: Volume 56, page 145
      Too frequently has success been inversely proportionate to the fervor of the quest. From our enormous centres of population emanates the complaint that only the opulent are becoming more opulent, while the impecunious are quotidianly depleted to a greater profundity of impecuniousity.
    • 2004, Ken S. McAllister, Game work: language, power, and computer game culture, link
      But once this document is complete and the project is begun, the rhetoric of game development mostly shifts away from exigent functions and begins to work more quotidianly.