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From Old French rascaille (outcast, rabble), perhaps from rasque (mud, filth, scab, dregs), from Vulgar Latin *rasicō (to scrape). Cognate with English rascal.



racaille f (plural racailles)

  1. (derogatory) people, mainly young, who engage in antisocial behaviour; rabble, riffraff; rascals
    • 2005, a resident of an estate hit by rioting and the Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy:
      resident: Monsieur Sarkozy, est-ce que vous pouvez nous débarrasser de cette racaille ?
      Sarkozy: Vous voulez qu'on vous débarrasse de cette racaille, on va le faire.
      resident: Mr. Sarkozy, can you get rid of this rabble for us?
      Sarkozy: You want us to get rid of this rabble? We're on the case.


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