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Rainforest in Daintree National Park, Australia
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From rain +‎ forest, a calque of German Regenwald.

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rainforest (countable and uncountable, plural rainforests)

  1. A forest in a climate with high annual rainfall and no dry season.
    • 2002, Chris C. Park, Tropical Rainforests, page 27:
      Perhaps the most impressive expression of species diversity is the density of species found in a given area of rainforest.
    • 2004, Nigel E. Stork, “24: The Theory and Practice of Planning for Long-Term Conservation of Biodiversity of Wet Tropics Rainforests in Australia”, in Eldredge Bermingham, Christopher W. Dick, Craig Moritz, editors, Tropical Rainforests: Past, Present, and Future, page 508:
      Tropical rainforests in Australia have suffered a fate similar in many ways to that of rainforests elsewhere in the world, but considerable progress in safeguarding the future of what remains has been made.
    • 2014, Nick Hunter, Rainforests, page 38:
      Enjoy your visit to the rainforests, because the next time you go there things could be very different.

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