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ram-pack (third-person singular simple present ram-packs, present participle ram-packing, simple past and past participle ram-packed)

  1. To pack tightly by applying pressure.
    • 1991, Dictionary of Occupational Titles - Volume 2, page 934:
      Workers who tend machines that fill and ram-pack hogsheads are classified as PACKER OPERATOR, AUTOMATIC (tobacco).
    • 2012, Keevy McAlavy, The Stench of Space, →ISBN, page 332:
      Besey removed her back hoofs from a box where she'd been ram-packing papers in.
  2. (by extension) To fill to capacity.
    • 1966, American Rifleman - Volume 114, Issue 9, page 11:
      Editor John T. Amber has ram-packed its 400 giant pages with everything you want to know about guns from the earliest Winchesters (like my Model 1866) to the newest stainless steel revolvers! Handloading, ballistics charts, antique and custom guns, field tests, target shooting and more are covered in remarkable detail.


ram-pack (not comparable)

  1. Associated with ram-packing.
    • 1954, American Machinist - Volume 98, page 178:
      After machining, teeth are milled, ram-pack hardened, and then precision ground in line with 0.500 locating hole in end of ram.
    • 1963, ELECTRICAL WORLD, page 86:
      A ram-pack grouting method for setting turbine-generator sole plates has been developed which assures ...
    • 1975, The Indian Concrete Journal - Volume 49, page 293:
      A method of ram-pack grouting for setting the sole plates of the turbine generator quickly and effectively was developed, thus assuring a permanent and positive support.