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re- +‎ counteract


recounteract (third-person singular simple present recounteracts, present participle recounteracting, simple past and past participle recounteracted)

  1. To counteract again.
    • 1858, James Dunwoody Brownson De Bow, ‎R. G. Barnwell, ‎& Edwin Q. Bell, Debow's Review:
      Whether the variation of the rates of value of labor in the two countries was made to facilitate the organization of a decimal currency, (which, by the by, however good in itself, has always proved discordant and cumbersome when applied to the reained octave subdivisions of weights and measures, which also should have been, and ought to be made decimal,) or whether it proceeded from the intention of influencing the importation and retention of a greater quantity of gold for circulation, which was counteracted by the other nations appropriating the difference in premiums to themselves, the addition of the four cents, as extra compensation to gold diggers, would result in a great loss to the exporting States by the nine per cent, difference being added to the invoice cost of the imports that are received as payments for the exports, unless recounteracted by alloys in American coin.
    • 1927, LA Negly & PS Black, Preparing cereal-beverage compounds (US Patent 1,631,830):
      A small proportion of licorice is preferably included for the purpose of recounteracting any bitterness which may be due to the presence of the grains.
    • 1962, John H. Boynton, Results of the Third U.S. Manned Orbital Space Flight, October 3, 1962:
      As a result, you have a tendency to overshoot, and you cannot park the spacecraft in the attitude you want without having to counteract and then recounteract a tail -off.