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From rector +‎ -ess.

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rectoress (plural rectoresses)

  1. A governess; a rectrix.
    • 1605, Michaell Draiton [i.e., Michael Drayton], “The First Booke of the Barrons Warres”, in Poems: [], London: [] [Valentine Simmes] for N[icholas] Ling, →OCLC, stanza 35, page 13:
      Diſſembling griefe, as one that knevv not ill, / So can ſhe rule the greatneſſe of her mind, / As a moſt perfect Rectoreſſe of her vvill, / Aboue the vſuall vveakneſſe of her kind; []
  2. The wife of a rector.

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