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rhino- (nose) +‎ -lith (stone).


  • IPA(key): /ˈɹaɪnə(ʊ)lɪθ/


rhinolith (plural rhinoliths)

  1. A calculus that forms in the nasal cavity.
    • 1889, Clinic of the Month, The Practitioner, vol. 42, page 242
      Dr. J. Middlemas Hunt […] describes a case of rhinolith. […]. This proved to be a small nasal calculus, weighing seven grains, and consisting mostly of sequestrum of bone.
    • 2002, Gary R. Strange, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, page 467
      A rhinolith is a mineralized nasal foreign body.
    • 2004, G. H. Quay, A Monograph of Diseases of Nose and Throat, page 83
      Or the nucleus of a rhinolith may be a hardened piece of mucus […]. The symptoms produced by a rhinolith are the same as those caused by any other foreign object […].

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