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ring someone's bell




ring someone's bell

  1. (idiomatic) To physically traumatize someone with a strong blow, especially a concussive blow to the head.
    • 1981 May 5, "Heads Up in the Outfield," St. Petersburg Evening Independent, p. 4C (retrieved 19 Jan. 2010):
      Braves outfielder Eddie Miller was struck in the head with an object thrown from the left field seats. . . . Braves manager Bobby Cox said Miller was more dazed than hurt. "It stung him pretty good, it rang his bell," Cox said.
    • 2003 Oct. 11, Tom Singer, "Redman delivers quality start," (retrieved 19 Jan. 2010):
      Redman took Kenny Lofton's left shoulder on his jaw and saw every color of the rainbow but teal. "That sent me down. I was kinda dizzy," Redman said . . . "You take a shot like that, it's going to ring your bell a bit."


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