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rod-shaped (comparative more rod-shaped, superlative most rod-shaped)

  1. Shaped like a rod; long and cylindrical.
    • 2008, The Observer, 20 Jan 08:
      Walk-through detectors designed to spot guns, knives and other flat and rod-shaped weapons cost almost £5,000 each.
    • 1999, Paul Campbell, Survival Skills of Native California, page 309:
      In western Nevada at the southern end of Lake Winnemucca a rod-shaped atlatl with weight and engaging hook still attached was discovered around 1961.
  2. (biology) Specifically, describing a form of bacterium.
    • 2001, The Guardian, 10 Oct 01:
      Anthrax goes through two very different stages in its life cycle. One is a microscopic rod-shaped bacterium called bacillus anthracis, easy to grow in the lab but fragile and easily killed in the open.
    • 1981, PCL John, The Cell Cycle, page 86:
      S. pombe is a rod shaped organism, and during its cell cycle it grows mostly in length with little change in diameter.
    • 1965, “Small Bacteriophages”, in Advances in Virus Research, volumes 1-11, pages 343–4:
      The rod-shaped E. coli phages share a common host range with the RNA-containing E. coli phages, a coincidence which probably unites unrelated viruses.

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