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Alternative formsEdit


From rubber +‎ stamp.

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A rubber stamp.


rubber stamp

  1. (figuratively) Of a person, organisation, or process, making decisions or approving matters routinely or without real power, as rubber stamp politics, a rubber stamp committee.


rubber stamp (plural rubber stamps)

  1. A piece of rubber or similar material with a design or text carved or molded for the purpose of transferring ink or dye to imprint that design on another object.
    The library had a rubber stamp to imprint the due date.
  2. (figuratively) A person or organisation that approves, routinely or as a formality, matters decided by some other person or organisation.

Derived termsEdit



rubber stamp (third-person singular simple present rubber stamps, present participle rubber stamping, simple past and past participle rubber stamped)

  1. (colloquial) to process, approve or decide matters routinely rather than through careful consideration
    They usually just rubber stamp orders under $100.