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ryal (plural ryals)

  1. Alternative form of rial (old English coin)

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From Anglo-Norman reial, rial, from Latin rēgālis. Doublet of royal.

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  • IPA(key): /ˈriːal/, /ˈrɛːal/

Adjective edit

ryal (plural and weak singular ryalle, comparative ryallere, superlative ryaleste)

  1. (Late Middle English) royal, kingly, of a king
  2. (Late Middle English) majestic, befitting a king, worthy
  3. (Late Middle English) amazing, effective, fine
  4. (Late Middle English) noble, good, honourable

Descendants edit

  • English: rial, ryal
  • Scots: rial, ryal

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ryal (plural ryalles)

  1. (Late Middle English) A royal, noble, member of royalty or nobility.
  2. (Late Middle English) ryal/royal (coin), or a similar coin
  3. (Late Middle English, hunting) The second protrusion coming from a deer's antler.

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  1. (Late Middle English) royally, totally

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